Learning 400 words in Russian

One of the challenges I set for myself after reading a book called "How to Read a book" was to work through the elementary reading level. This level talks about the stages of being able to read simple materials as a beginner reader, whether you are a child reading for the first time, or an adult learing a new language for the first time.

The authors of this book say that children who are learning to read for the first time usually pick up around 400 new words in their first year. Learning these words enables them to read simple books by themselves.

As an adult learning a new language, I think it'll take far less time for me to learn 400 words in Russian. I already know the alphabet and basic sentences like hello, how are you, good morning etc, but want to see if learning words in isolation will help me be able to read simple books, and infer the meaning of new words from the context around them.

The app I am going to use for this goal is called Drops which is a really friendly app that teaches you new words as well as their pronunciation.

Start Date:

End Date:

Time spent learning 400 Russian words so far: 1 hour 20 minutes (usually 15m sessions)

I'm going to include icons of the words I have been exposed to in the app so far. I'll make it so when you click on it, the icon card will flip over and reveal the Russian word for the icon on the back. I will only mark this challenge complete once I have correctly spoken the correct Russian word for each of the 400 icons included below (after 400 icons are there).

I'll only mark this challenge as complete after I have 400 words, and I have correctly spoken each of their meanings in one go.

My plan is to draw cute icons for each of them and have them flip over with the Russian word on the back, but for now will just include the words.

72 words